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Zoom [335]24Pcs Press on Nails & Tool Kit
Zoom [335]24Pcs Press on Nails & Tool Kit
Zoom [335]24Pcs Press on Nails & Tool Kit
Zoom [335]24Pcs Press on Nails & Tool Kit
Zoom [335]24Pcs Press on Nails & Tool Kit
Zoom [335]24Pcs Press on Nails & Tool Kit

[335]24Pcs Press on Nails & Tool Kit

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Easy Application & Removal

Safe Cosmetic-Grade

Formula Fits on Any Size Nail

Unique C-Curve Design

Manufactured with Care

How to apply

Step 1: Prep!

DO NOT miss this step, as prepping your nails correctly is essential to allowing your press on nails to stay on as long as possible!

  1. Start by pushing back your cuticles using the cuticle stick & filing down your nails.
  2. Size the press on nails by placing them above your natural nail beds and choosing the ones that have the most suitable fit.
  3. Gently buff your nails using the nail filler in the kit.
  4. Wipe all your nails completely with the alcohol pad. This will remove the natural oils on your nail beds, which prevents the adhesive from working as well!

Step 2: Choose Adhesive

  • Sticky Tabs (Short term wear)

Choose the sticky tab that is the correct size for each of your nail beds, and apply the adhesive.

  • Nail Glue(Long term wear)

Apply a pea-sized amount of nail glue on your natural nail, and on the back of the press on nails.

Be careful not to touch the glue with your fingertips, as it bonds quickly!

Step 3: Press!

Apply the press on nails at a 45-degree angle and press down firmly for 20-30 seconds, ensuring you remove all air bubbles upon application.


  • To extend the wear of your press-on nails, avoid water contact 2 hours after application (I know... we always suggest going to the bathroom beforehand 🤣) but this will really extend the wear time of the jelly stickers or glue! So it is recommended to apply your press on nails before going to bed.
  • Do not touch your nails with your fingertips AFTER you've wiped them with the alcohol pad, as that will add back the oils on your nails that you removed with the alcohol pad.
  • Make sure to choose the right SIZE for your nails that aren't too large, or too small, as this might cause the nails to fall off prematurely! Having press-on nails either too small or large for you means that water can get under your press-on nails, and interact with the glue underneath which might cause discoloration or premature lifting.

[335]24Pcs Press on Nails & Tool Kit

$5.99 Regular price $10.00

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